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Research data and analytics can animate and inspire, prove business cases, solve problems, and uncover opportunity. Trusting Your Gut in these times is not enough.

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Helping CCLA19 Innovate at a Time When It’s Most Needed

Despite all the challenges that we have faced in 2020, this year has taught us the importance of technology, resiliency, and innovation. Myself, along with my BrandIQ colleagues, have been fortunate to support an exciting education initiative happening here in the Los Angeles region—the development of an Academic Resource Innovation HUB funded by the California Strong Workforce program.

What exactly is an Academic Resource Innovation HUB? The LA Innovation HUB is a “meeting of the minds” between faculty leaders from Career Education (CE) and General Education (GE) across 19 community colleges in the Los Angeles region (CCLA19), with the goal to provide “at-scale” academic resources and program support innovation...

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