Happier Meals, Happier Parents - What QSR can learn from Kid's Clothing

QSR_kids clothing

We recently completed a quantitative Brand Health study for a well-respected, high quality kid’s clothing brand – known for long-lasting, durable clothes made from organic cotton. It turns out that their core customer is wildly passionate about it. They love what it has to offer, consider it far superior to other brands and are willing to pay more for it...

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Are Millennials the next big thing?

How to Attract Millennials with the Right Brand Positioning

If ever there was a reason to inquire about a generation, this is it:

  • Millennials are the largest growing section of the population. According to the
    Census Bureau, there are more Millennials than Baby Boomers
  • This makes them the largest consumer group and they have increasing spending
    power, despite the recent economic downturn

It is only a matter of time before their spending power matures in full.

The Millennial shift also introduces new opportunities in how to brand to maintain or achieve brand dominance...

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