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Leading Luxury Auto-Maker Achieves Biggest Sales Success on Record

Via process innovations, adaptive integration, and emotionally relevant storytelling, BrandIQ guided this esteemed client to sales volumes that cemented its position as America’s best-selling vehicle of all time within its category.


“We loved working with BrandIQ on this very important launch. It was highly effective and enjoyable working with a motivated team that we even needed to rein-in at times. We got a lot of great substance without ever needing to push. We enjoyed the entire experience.”


In an industry where engineering and design, research and strategy tend to move on parallel but separate paths, we discerned and implemented crucial process innovations that yielded deeper, more qualitative, more meaningful insights.
These innovations, deployed within the company for the very first time, united stakeholders at all levels, bringing R&D, marketing, advertising, and sales into resonant alignment, which in turn created purpose felt by the consumer.

Our process built creative connections. Our insights yielded emotional meaning. And our resulting, authentic positioning ignited consumers, spurring them to purchase. All of it made this model’s next-gen launch the most popular in its category.

  • We entered an established, siloed process, and were able to implement first-in-category innovations that quickly integrated R&D, sales, marketing, and advertising.
  • We innovated our client’s process by integrating car clinic and brand-positioning research to tap into the emotional connection this vehicle could create in consumers’ lives.
    These innovations, deployed within the company for the very first time, united stakeholders at all levels, bringing R&D, sales, marketing, and advertising.
  • Our creative consumer approach uncovered hidden emotional need-states that revealed target-market specifics. These key findings then informed executable vehicle refinements for the short-, mid-, and long-term.
Results & Growth
  • We uncovered and created a story around the value proposition and positioning that our client was able to internalize. This allowed them to effectively translate directives and languaging to marketing, advertising, and sales.
  • Our study also uncovered areas of opportunity for our client in the area of brand awareness and how to make theirs more compelling and differentiated from the rest of the pack.
  • We combined product assessments with volume estimations to deliver accurate projections, and pinpointed the target and strategic positioning simultaneously.
  • We got stakeholders emotionally invested in the learning, making our findings more actionable for more stakeholders, which allowed them to inspire their target customers to buy.