Brand Tracking – Your Guidance System to Understanding Your Audience

Quantifying the return on your brand investment is crucial when it comes to making sound brand strategy decisions. Brand tracking can help you in making data-informed decisions in brand strategy by helping measure the changes in your brand perception over time and estimating the consumer brand value of your brand in comparison to your competitors.

Typically, brand tracking involves keeping a tab on all the factors that constitute brand health including brand awareness, reputation, brand characteristics, and consumer perceptions...

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BrandIQ is a Certified B Corporation!

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Are you transacting in culture?

barbersignI came across this question recently while researching trends that are shaping the retail industry, and find it to be relevant to the conversation about creating next-generation brand engagement in the evolving landscape of consumer mindsets...

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A New Chapter for BrandIQ


When I was hired as a Research Associate at BrandIQ, I had no experience in market research or, rather, any private sector business, but I saw great value in my new appointment at an innovative company consulting for some of the most successful brands in the country. After 2 years in graduate school learning about corporate social responsibility, and 3 years in non-profit management, I was at BrandIQ to understand how to translate what BrandIQ was doing in the private sector to the public and non-profit spaces...

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Happier Meals, Happier Parents - What QSR can learn from Kid's Clothing

QSR_kids clothing

We recently completed a quantitative Brand Health study for a well-respected, high quality kid’s clothing brand – known for long-lasting, durable clothes made from organic cotton. It turns out that their core customer is wildly passionate about it. They love what it has to offer, consider it far superior to other brands and are willing to pay more for it...

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Be Beyoncé, Not Bono: How to Connect with Millennials


Clients often ask us something along the lines of “how can my brand appeal to Millennials?” To address this question, we bring young consumers in at the beginning of our creative process and involve them throughout the cycle of a project. Using the voice of the target consumer (in this case, the often-discussed but ever-elusive Millennials) we craft brand stories and creative deliverables (what we call ‘artifacts’) to help bring the brand to life for a company in a way that resonates with the target...

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Immersion as impetus for Innovation


When a client comes to BrandIQ with a business question about their brand, product or service, we create an immersive experience that uncovers and brings key insights to life. For us, the most successful initiatives have been ones where we actually bring the client’s core team into a custom immersion itinerary we create for them, allowing them to observe, experience and internalize the opportunity that exists in a particular category...

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Betting On Bigger Automotive Futures


I love spontaneous experiments. Last week, I bet a few of my friends they couldn’t correctly identify some new cars on the road...

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Cultural Openness and Millennials


There is a new trend that blends cultural diversity in American culture. The medium is today’s pop media.

There are lots of influences from different countries such as Asia and Europe, which have become part of entertainment in America...

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BrandIQ’s Latest Addition

I’m delighted to share some exciting company news that represents another milestone in the growth of BrandIQ.

Alice Gold joins us today as Senior Vice President of Brand Strategy and Innovation. Alice will be leading the BrandIQ client service team across all our partner businesses and projects, and will direct outreach opportunities and senior business operations.

Alice is a highly regarded senior executive, and has worked for more than two decades in advertising agency account management and strategic supplier-side custom research. Throughout her career, Alice has been a valued communications partner with a wide-range of Fortune 500 companies and executives...

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