Failure is an Option

Our office caught the Museum of Failure exhibition last week. Arriving without expectations, we ended up unanimously loving it. Turned out to be amusing, a trip down memory lane for some (remember Life Savers Holes??), inspiring, and relevant to what we do back at work. Standing in front of the Bic Pens for Her, it’s obvious to ask the question – “Did they do any consumer research before bringing this product to market??”

The exhibition reminds us that it takes courage to be innovative...

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Do You Have the Wanderlust Gene?

At BrandIQ we are excited about the research we have been doing for Hilton Hotels and I.D.E.A on the “wanderlust gene”. Do you have the wanderlust gene? Go ahead and take a look at this article that appeared in the New York Times this week...

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How I Went from Naysayer to Blue Apron Convert...almost

blue apron photo

It’s true. From working my way through most of the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook to lacto-fermenting at home, I pride myself in doing everything by hand and from scratch. But don’t call me a hipster, please. I’ve been this way since the early 90’s when I discovered Martha Stewart Living.

Naturally, I looked to the recent rise of meal kit delivery services with disdain. “I can’t believe how wasteful you’re being,” I would say judgingly to any friend who admitted they were using such a service...

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Meet Jason Ward, BrandIQ's Newest Addition


We’re excited to share some great news!  Jason Ward has joined our team as Vice President, Brand Strategy & Innovation.  He comes to us with more than 16 years as a consumer analytics and product development executive with experience spanning multiple industries.  In fact, we got to know Jason when he was our client at Applebee’s so he is no stranger to BrandIQ and he is familiar with the work we do and our frameworks...

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Be Beyoncé, Not Bono: How to Connect with Millennials


Clients often ask us something along the lines of “how can my brand appeal to Millennials?” To address this question, we bring young consumers in at the beginning of our creative process and involve them throughout the cycle of a project. Using the voice of the target consumer (in this case, the often-discussed but ever-elusive Millennials) we craft brand stories and creative deliverables (what we call ‘artifacts’) to help bring the brand to life for a company in a way that resonates with the target...

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Consumer Insights in Motion


It’s hard to remember a world without cell phones and tablets. These days we rely on our devices to pay bills, listen to music, stay in touch, read books, catch up on our favorite TV show, record moments, navigate through traffic, and so on. With approximately two billion mobile device users worldwide spending hours a day taking advantage of their devices’ many functions, it’s no wonder why the market research industry has been buzzing about taking online studies into the mobile realm...

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