Meet Jason Ward, BrandIQ's Newest Addition


We’re excited to share some great news!  Jason Ward has joined our team as Vice President, Brand Strategy & Innovation.  He comes to us with more than 16 years as a consumer analytics and product development executive with experience spanning multiple industries.  In fact, we got to know Jason when he was our client at Applebee’s so he is no stranger to BrandIQ and he is familiar with the work we do and our frameworks...

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Betting On Bigger Automotive Futures


I love spontaneous experiments. Last week, I bet a few of my friends they couldn’t correctly identify some new cars on the road. After the usual back and forth jabs that come with any bet, I pulled out my phone and searched for pictures of unbranded cars. With the exception of the BMW 3-series, many had no clue what any of the other vehicles were...

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Cultural Openness and Millennials


There is a new trend that blends cultural diversity in American culture. The medium is today’s pop media.

There are lots of influences from different countries such as Asia and Europe, which have become part of entertainment in America...

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BrandIQ’s Latest Addition

I’m delighted to share some exciting company news that represents another milestone in the growth of BrandIQ.

Alice Gold joins us today as Senior Vice President of Brand Strategy and Innovation. Alice will be leading the BrandIQ client service team across all our partner businesses and projects, and will direct outreach opportunities and senior business operations.

Alice is a highly regarded senior executive, and has worked for more than two decades in advertising agency account management and strategic supplier-side custom research. Throughout her career, Alice has been a valued communications partner with a wide-range of Fortune 500 companies and executives...

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BrandIQ Asian American Media Consumption Benchmark


Research to Look at Media Needs, Usage and Preferences of Growing U.S. Demographic

LOS ANGELES, CA – June 6, 2011 – BrandIQ (, a leading brand strategy research and innovation firm based in Los Angeles, has designed the BrandIQ Asian American Media Consumption Benchmark study launching mid-June 2011. As an established leader in Asian American research, BrandIQ’s syndicated study will paint a comprehensive picture of media consumption among the ethnically diverse Asian American community, one of the fastest-growing segments of increasing buying power in the United States...

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Menu Trends Here to Stay


If you are on top of trends that drive restaurant business like we are at BrandIQ, you’ve noticed high quality, freshly-prepared meals are dominating.

Consumers are connecting more than ever to their food – to what’s in it, how it’s made, where it came from, who’s preparing it, and to how great it tastes! Restaurants that are on trend make the answer to those questions obvious. In turn, consumers are more knowledgeable, believing, and passionate about what and where they eat! With national healthy eating campaigns and over 50 food and restaurant shows on television, the American conversation has turned to fresh food like no other time in our history...

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Are Millennials the next big thing?

How to Attract Millennials with the Right Brand Positioning

If ever there was a reason to inquire about a generation, this is it:

  • Millennials are the largest growing section of the population. According to the
    Census Bureau, there are more Millennials than Baby Boomers
  • This makes them the largest consumer group and they have increasing spending
    power, despite the recent economic downturn

It is only a matter of time before their spending power matures in full.

The Millennial shift also introduces new opportunities in how to brand to maintain or achieve brand dominance...

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