Brand Tracking – Your Guidance System to Understanding Your Audience

Quantifying the return on your brand investment is crucial when it comes to making sound brand strategy decisions. Brand tracking can help you in making data-informed decisions in brand strategy by helping measure the changes in your brand perception over time and estimating the consumer brand value of your brand in comparison to your competitors.

Typically, brand tracking involves keeping a tab on all the factors that constitute brand health including brand awareness, reputation, brand characteristics, and consumer perceptions...

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Quantitative Market Research Los Angeles

Research data and analytics can animate and inspire, prove business cases, solve problems, and uncover opportunity. Trusting Your Gut in these times is not enough.

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Helping CCLA19 Innovate at a Time When It’s Most Needed

Despite all the challenges that we have faced in 2020, this year has taught us the importance of technology, resiliency, and innovation. Myself, along with my BrandIQ colleagues, have been fortunate to support an exciting education initiative happening here in the Los Angeles region—the development of an Academic Resource Innovation HUB funded by the California Strong Workforce program.

What exactly is an Academic Resource Innovation HUB? The LA Innovation HUB is a “meeting of the minds” between faculty leaders from Career Education (CE) and General Education (GE) across 19 community colleges in the Los Angeles region (CCLA19), with the goal to provide “at-scale” academic resources and program support innovation...

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Bringing the Outdoors Inside During the Covid-19 “Stay at Home” Orders

Covid-19, and the subsequent international lockdown in most cities, affected all of us in its own way. It was stressful for many reasons, and I dealt with the stress how I usually do, by engaging in my favorite passions: hiking and camping. But as the lockdowns progressed to help stop the spread of the virus, eventually parks, beaches, and trails were closed as well...

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Failure is an Option

Our office caught the Museum of Failure exhibition last week. Arriving without expectations, we ended up unanimously loving it...

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Do You Have the Wanderlust Gene?

At BrandIQ we are excited about the research we have been doing for Hilton Hotels and I.D.E.A on the “wanderlust gene”...

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Don't Look Away


It was a warm day in Los Angeles when I was on my walk back from the bakery with a load of bagels...

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How I Went from Naysayer to Blue Apron Convert...almost

blue apron photo

It’s true. From working my way through most of the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook to lacto-fermenting at home, I pride myself in doing everything by hand and from scratch...

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Meet Jason Ward, BrandIQ's Newest Addition


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