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Failure is an Option

Our office caught the Museum of Failure exhibition last week. Arriving without expectations, we ended up unanimously loving it...

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Do You Have the Wanderlust Gene?

At BrandIQ we are excited about the research we have been doing for Hilton Hotels and I.D.E.A on the “wanderlust gene”...

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Don't Look Away


It was a warm day in Los Angeles when I was on my walk back from the bakery with a load of bagels...

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How I Went from Naysayer to Blue Apron Convert...almost

blue apron photo

It’s true. From working my way through most of the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook to lacto-fermenting at home, I pride myself in doing everything by hand and from scratch...

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Meet Jason Ward, BrandIQ's Newest Addition


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BrandIQ is a Certified B Corporation!

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Food Innovation to Satisfy My 2-Year-Old Dictator


Picky eater photoSunday mornings always seem the same. The same restaurant and the same order for my son, “he will have the kid’s waffle please.” Unfortunately I feel terrible every time because although my son will actually eat the waffle, I know there is nothing nutritious about it...

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Are you transacting in culture?

barbersignI came across this question recently while researching trends that are shaping the retail industry, and find it to be relevant to the conversation about creating next-generation brand engagement in the evolving landscape of consumer mindsets...

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MaxDiff and Me - Eliminating Product Confusion and Attracting Consumers to Your Brand

MaxDiff_CTI get a call from my wife about once a week on my commute home. “Can you pick up five things from the market? Should I text you a list?” My response every time is “A list for five items? No I don’t need a list. I can remember.” But my over-confidence is usually the start of things falling apart. I start picking out the items I need and slowly, but surely I come up with only three of the five items...

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A New Chapter for BrandIQ


When I was hired as a Research Associate at BrandIQ, I had no experience in market research or, rather, any private sector business, but I saw great value in my new appointment at an innovative company consulting for some of the most successful brands in the country. After 2 years in graduate school learning about corporate social responsibility, and 3 years in non-profit management, I was at BrandIQ to understand how to translate what BrandIQ was doing in the private sector to the public and non-profit spaces...

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