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Global Pork Producer Brings Fresh New Products to Untapped Market Categories

Via custom qualitative methodologies, unprecedented ideation efforts, and targeted strategic analysis, BrandIQ developed, designed, and created exciting new products, packaging, and practices for one of the largest meat producers in the world.


I have worked with BrandIQ for several years, and they always add tremendous value to our business. BrandIQ rocks!


Hired to discern unexplored opportunities for this global pork producer and processor, we rapidly identified our first two steps out of the gate: Discover the perceived and actual relevancy of our client’s products within the lives of their target consumers, and within the marketplace. We also needed to uncover our client’s cultural context, to then enable and empower them to make both incremental, and monumental changes in order to meet these trends.

We employed creative, as well as established research approaches to unearth notable opportunities in the consumer landscape. These epiphanies drove the creation of brand new products that were specifically designed to fit new and existing market needs.

Not only did we identify need- and use-states, along with barriers to purchase, we also aided the client in understanding, capturing, and leveraging powerful, relevant cultural trends. These crucial data-points allowed us to guide the client in defining — and re-framing — the value and unique attributes of their products, empowering them to tell new and authentic stories geared to reshape product perception within their category.

  • BrandIQ identified new and existing target consumer segments, including use- and need-states, aspirational desires, and barriers to purchase.
  • We pinpointed ways to neutralize purchase barriers, and created brand new products and product forms that satisfied consumer needs and desires, and leveraged market opportunities.
  • BrandIQ delivered actionable, executable product, product-form, packaging, and manufacturing innovations.
  • We aided the client in understanding and leveraging relevant cultural trends that could better define their business, and provide a clear path to both immediate, and long-range success.
  • We educated our client in the crucial importance authenticity and transparency plays within culture, and within the minds and hearts of today’s consumer, helping our client understand how changes in key practices could allow for more transparency, authentic storytelling, and a resulting surge in consumer loyalty.
Results & Growth
  • BrandIQ took a 360-degree view of how our client could make — and also deliver — a better product to market. By pinpointing existing, as well as untapped opportunities, and by deeply understanding all facets of our client’s consumers, we leveraged powerful cultural trends to define and reframe unique product attributes, telling more meaningful stories as we created product, product-form, packaging, and manufacturing innovations that could be executed immediately, and incrementally, for continued financial success.